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About Us


Born and raised in London, UK. Gloomland was created 2 years ago by two weirdos who always felt ouf of place in this world and felt judged for how they chose to dress. They put their heart, blood, sweat and tears to conjure something out of all they had been through to create a place where future generations felt accepted and welcomed.

However, Gloomland is not their story, Gloomland is about all the similar stories out there of people who were shunned, not understood and always felt like the odd one out.

They are all the same story and Gloomland is part of the solution so you can dress as the strange you want to be in this world. Gloomland strives to make attire where you are unapologetically yourself and can clearly show the world that you don’t care, you are just who you are!


We believe that our products are more then simple attire, they are a part of your personnality and story! Gloomland is more than a style, it's an art and a way to manifest your dark mystical vibes into the world. We know that our gloomers are a minority and just like us the odds were stacked against you but say no more. Our items are made so you can finally assert yourself as the dark soul you are. 


Gloomland sets itself apart by acknowledging that its customers are the priority, that's why we have implemented 24H customer care, 100% guarantee, and safe free shipping.

We are also a conscious brand that is aware of the huge split and diversity that is happening in the world especially towards people like us. So naturally, Gloomland has asserted itself as an activist and financial supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and its causes primarily transgender rights and gay adoption rights.

We are an up and coming brand that solidifies itself into the gothic world one step at a time so we can elevate your darkness level and give more back.